Ratha Yatra celebrated with traditional fervor in Ukkunagaram    14-Jul-2018     View PDF

Sri P Raychaudhury, CMD, RINL-VSP accompanied by Smt Ratna Raychaudhury, invited  Lord Jagannath on the occasion of Ratha Yatra (Car festival) to the Chariot. Donning the traditional costumes of the King, Sri Raychaudhury performed “Chherapanhara”, the sweeping of the Chariot with Golden Broom. Ratha Yatra,  the most auspicious festival of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra, was celebrated with fanfare and gaiety amidst “Jai Jagannath” chanting by the devotees and to the accompaniment of music from mridang, cymbals and conches in Ukkunagaram. A large number of devotees pulled the Chariot along the streets of Ukkunagaram.  Bhajans and dance troupes were performed along the Lord’s Yatra route. Sri P C Mohapatra, Director (Projects), Sri KC Das, Director (Personnel), Sri VV Venugopal Rao, Director (Finance) and Sri PK Rath, Director (Operations), along with their family members offered prayers to Lord Jagannath. The evening was vibrant with colourful cultural programmes organised to mark the festival in the township by Nartaki group from Odisha. Earlier, the dignitaries opened a Handloom & Handicrafts Exhibition on the occasion. The festival is a mixture of spiritual, cultural and social activities culminating with Samaradhana on 24th  July-2018.