Visakhapatnam Steel Plant launches Swachhata Hi Sewa campaign    15-Sep-2018     View PDF

RINL, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant is observing ‘Swachhta Hi Sewa’ from 15th September to 02nd October 2018 in line with the guidelines of Ministry of Steel, Government of India. Sri P Raychaudhury, CMD,RINL-VSP administered the “Swachhata Pledge”  on this occasion.Sri PC Mohapatra, Director (Projects), Sri VV Venugopal Rao, Director (Finance), Sri PK Rath, Director (Operations), Sri OR Ramani, ED (Works) I/c, EDs, GMs and senior officials of RINL took the pledge to mark the occasion. Sri Raychaudhury has called upon the employees to make ‘Swachhta’ a habit and an integral part of their working system to enable a safe, hygienic and productive work environment at RINL- Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. A mass cleaning campaign was organized in Ukkunagaram, Plant premises and in surroundings of the Town Administration Building. During this mega campaign, various initiatives were planned at RINL like ‘Swachh Jagrukta Abhiyan ie. Awareness through Internet and Intranet Portals, Banners, Telephonic ringtones, Screening of Short Films in Ukku Club and Steel Clubs etc. to sensitize employees and their family members for active participation in this campaign. Special cleanliness drives are being organized  in various departments of the Plant, Mines, Marketing Branches and all administrative offices of RINL, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant Viz; Shram Daan in Plant and Township, Swachhata Awareness Programmes in schools and surrounding communities, ‘‘Bala Swachhta Jagruti’ – awareness to school children, ‘Swachh Shouchalaya’ i.e inspection of toilets in the schools where RINL constructed toilets under Swachh Vidyalaya to ensure proper cleanliness and maintenance. Senior officers and a  large employees across the organization participated. This Mega Campaign will culminate on 2nd October 2018 on the Day of Gandhi Jayanthi.