Responsibility, Ethical Values play a major role in curbing corruption: SP, CBI    02-Nov-2018     View PDF हिंदी में पढ़े

Sri SB Shankar, SP&HOB, Central Bureau of Investigation, Visakhapatnam emphasized that one should be more vigilant and shoulder responsibility while discharging duties and added that this will help reduce corruption in an organization and enhance the levels of transparency in bringing good corporate governance.He was the Chief Guest at the Valedictory function of Vigilance Awareness Week organized by the Vigilance Department of RINL-VSP in Ukkunagaram today. Addressing the gathering, Sri Shankar mentioned that employees should work with dedication and determination in practicing good ethical values for improving the systems in the organization. He explained about the amendment to the “Prevention of Corruption Act 1988”. He also emphasized on the spiritual morality at individual level in eradicating corruption. He also described various examples   of preventive vigilance  and said that vigilance is a continuous process and to be practiced regularly to curb corruption in the society. Sri PK Rath, CMD,RINL said that vigilance is an important tool to improve ethical values,  to promote integrity and it should be utilized for enhancing the transparency levels in the organization.  Vigilance is also a tool for  focusing on bottlenecks prevailing in an organization and suggest the remedial measures to enhance the corporate image. He congratulated the Vigilance Department for creating an awareness among the employees by organizing various events during the week long celebrations. Sri PJ Vijayakar, IFS, Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), RINL stated that there is every need to promote transparency and efficiency to curb corruption and build a strong and corruption free society. He cautioned the public against becoming numb to the effect of corruption and being the cause of one’s own downfall. He said that promoting integrity and accountability largely help curbing the menace of corruption in public life. He called upon the employees to eradicate corruption to build a new RINL. Sri P Raychaudhury, Director (Commercial), Sri KC Das, Director (Personnel), Sri VV Venugopal Rao, Director (Finance), Executive Directors, GMs, representatives of SEA, trade unions, WIPS, SC&ST association and large number of employees participated. A skit and a shadow show performed by the children of Ukkunagaram schools and employees respectively  highlighting the menace of corruption enthralled  the audience. The messages of President of India, Vice President of India, Prime Minister, Chief Vigilance Commissioner were read out on the occasion. Later, the dignitaries distributed prizes to the winners of various competitions organized to mark the occasion. Photo caption: 1) Sri SB Shankar, SP, Central Bureau of Investigation, Visakhapatnam lighting the lamp on the occasion of Vigilance Awareness week valedictory in Ukkunagaram. Sri PK Rath, CMD, Directors and CVO of RINL were seen. 2) Sri SB Shankar, SP, Central Bureau of Investigation, Visakhapatnam addressing the employees of RINL in Ukkunagaram today. 3) Sri PK Rath, CMD,RINL speaking on the occasion. Sri SB Shankar, SP, CBI (Centre), Directors & CVO are seen. 4) Sri SB Shankar, SP, CBI,  Sri PK Rath, CMD,RINL distributing the prizes to the winners of various competitions in Ukkunagaram today.